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Specialty Meats​

100% Organic Meat

o    No Hormones      o    No Anibiotics      o    No Pesticides      o    Humanely Farm Raised



Round Steaks     15.99 lb.

​round roast         15.99lb.

Stew Meat     15.99 lb.

Burger    10.99 lb.

Venison Strip Loin    28.99 lb.

Venison Tender Loin    28.99 lb.

Venison Sausage    11.99 lb.  --  breakfast, mild, onion and pepper,  or garlic and cheese



Elk Tri Tips    15.99 lb.

​elk round roast    15.99lb.   

Elk Tenderloin    32.99 lb.

Round Steaks     15.99 lb.

Stew Meat     15.99 lb.

Elk Burger    13.50 lb.

Elk New York Strip Steak    26.99 lb.

Elk Delmonico Steak    27.99lb.

​elk sausage with apples, pears, and port wine   11.99lb.




Veal t-bone or porterhouse   9.99 lb.

Veal Cutlets     10.49 lb.

Veal liver    5.99lb.

Breaded Veal Patties    4.29 lb.

Ground Veal     8.99 lb.

Veal Stew    10.99 lb.

​veal chuck roast or steak   7.99lb.


Wild Boar

Boar Loin     15.99 lb.

Boar Tenderloin    19.99 lb.

​wild boar smoked slab bacon   13.99lb.

​wild boar italian sausage  10.99lb.





Buffalo - America's Original Red Meat

Ground Buffalo    11.99 lb.

Buffalo Cubed Steak    14.99 lb.

Buffalo Fillet Mignon    25.99 lb.

Buffalo Stew    11.99 lb.

Boneless Chuck Roasts or Steaks    11.99 lb.

Boneless Sirloin Steaks    14.99 lb.

New York Strip Steak    16.29 lb.

Delmonico Steak    23.99 lb.

beef ribs     10.99lb.

flank steak   11.99

Hotdogs    8.99 lb.

Round Roasts    11.99 lb.

Mild Italian Sausage    11.99 lb.



  Chops    14.99 lb.

Lamb Stew     9.49 lb.

Ground Lamb    8.99 lb.

Lamb Shanks    5.99 lb.

​rack of lamb  9.99lb.

​boneless leg of lamb 9.99lb


All animals are raised on a pure organic based diet without the use of hormones, antibiotics or the use of feed

that contains animal by-products. Additionally, no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used on the farm.

The animals are humanely raised on spacious open land with minimum handling. This treatment meets the Humane Farm Animal Care Program Standards.


Animals are raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to act in a natural behavior.

They are never contained to a feedlot.


All products are inspected to meet all federal guidelines which consists of Multiple Hurdle Microbial Intervention (MHMI) and sanitary operating procedures. All animals are processed in a certified organic facility under CC of

Certification with the USDA.


The beef graze on grass and are finished with organic barley, alfalfa, snow peas and flax. The organic flax seed produce higher Omega3-6 balance and CLA levels.


Buffalo, Elk and Venison are lower in fat, calories, cholesterol and are higher in iron and B-12 than beef, pork or chicken.



        o All Natural     o No Fillers     o No Nitrates     o No MSG


Lean  •  Tasty  •  Healthy  •  Delicious

"prices subject to change without notice "