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Turkey and Chicken Breast

Carolina Turkey Pastrami    3.99 lb

Oven Roasted Turkey     5.99 lb

Boarshead Cajun Turkey    7.99 lb

Boarshead Honey Maple Turkey    7.99 lb

Boarshead Smoked Turkey    7.99 lb

Boarshead Gourmet Turkey    7.99 lb

Boarshead Chicken Breast    7.99 lb

Boarshead Buffalo Style Chicken Breast    7.99 lb



Boarshead Bologna    4.99 lb

Boarshead Garlic Bologna    5.49 lb

Lean Roast Beef    8.49 lb

Boarshead Cooked Salami     4.99 lb

Hard Salami      5.99 lb

Hofmann Liverwurst     5.49 lb

Russer Olive Loaf     4.99 lb

Cooked Corned Beef      5.99 lb

Wunderbar Bologna    2.99 lb

Hofmann German Bologna      4.99 lb

In-store Made Bologna     4.99 lb

Crogan Bologna     7.99 lb

Glazier Bologna     4.99 lb

Deli Style Pepperoni    5.99 lb

Hofmann Hotdogs & Coneys    4.59 lb

Hofmann Hotdogs & Coneys (10# box)    3.79 lb

Hofmann Cheese Hotdogs    4.49 lb

Glazier Hotdogs    5.99 lb



95% fat Free Boiled Ham    3.49 lb

Russer Virginia Baked Ham    4.59 lb

Boarshead Spiced Ham     4.99 lb

Margarahita Capi Ham     5.99 lb

Boarshead Sweet Sliced Ham    6.49 lb



Land O Lakes 4 Cheese Italian Blend     5.49 lb

Land O Lakes American Cheese     5.99 lb

Land O Lakes Sharp American Cheese     5.99 lb

American White or Yellow Cheese     4.49 lb

Land O Lakes Sharp Cheese     6.49 lb

Stella Provolone Cheese                 5.99 lb

Imported Swiss Cheese     5.99 lb

Jalapeno Cheese      5.59 lb

Cabot X-Sharp Cheese      5.99 lb

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese      4.59 lb

Shredded White / Yellow Cheddar      4.59 lb

Fresh Grated Parmesan / Romano      4.80 lb



In-store made Coleslaw    2.89 lb

Potato and Macaroni Salads    2.69 lb

Three Potato Salad      3.19 lb    (White, Red, and Sweet Potatoes)

Seafood Salad    5.99 lb

Deli Cottage Cheese     3.19 lb



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