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Ground Yak    15.99 lb.

Llama Strip Steak    16.99 lb.

Kangaroo Loins    17.99 lb.

​ground kangaroo  14.49lb.

Kangaroo Patties    13.99 lb.

Alligator Tail Meat    17.99 lb.

Alligator ground   14.99 lb.

​aliigator andouilli sausage  15.99lb.

Rattlesnake    38.99 lb.

Turtle Meat    19.99 lb.

Whole Pheasants    9.99 lb.

emu fan fillet 23.99lb.

​emu burgers  13.99lb.

​ostrich ground   19.99lb

​alpaca round steaks 12.99lb.

alpaca loins  15.99lb.

alpaca burger  10.99lb.

alpaca onion and pepper sausage 13.99lb.

​rabbit hind quarters  13.99lb.

Rabbit Tenderloins    16.99 lb.

Whole Rabbits    10.99 lb.

Ground Rabbit    9.99 lb.

Ground Goat     9.99 lb.

Goat Chops or Loin Roast    10.99 lb.

Goat Round Roast or Steaks    9.99 lb.

Goat Stew Meat    9.99 lb.

Boneless Duck Breast    18.99 lb.

Whole Quails    9.99 lb.



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