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Scriba Meats Sub Menu

Cold Subs  ---   8” half  ---   4.39

Cold Subs  ---   12” whole  ---   6.39

Cold Subs include:

o  turkey

o  cooked ham 

o  baked ham

o  roast beef

o  mixed meat 

o  Italian mixed meat

o  smoked turkey

o  hard salami

o  cooked salami

o  cajun turkey

o  chicken breast

o  capi ham

o  cooked corned beef

o  turkey salami

o  liverwurst

o  olive loaf

o  bologna

o  pepperoni


Hot Subs  ---   8” half  ---   4.79

Hot Subs  ---   12” whole  ---   6.79


Hot Subs include:

o  meatball

o  steak and cheese

o  cheeseburger

o  rueben

o  BLT

o  pepperoni



Cheese Wrap  or  Wheat Wrap  ---   4.99

Small Salad ---   3.50

Large Salad ---   6.50



Cheese choices:

        o        American   o        Swiss   o        provolone   o        jalapeno   o        cheddar


    Condiments offered:

           o        mayo   o        miracle whip   o        mustard   o        ketchup
           o        ranch   o        Russian           o        oil & vinegar


    Toppings offered:

        o        lettuce   o        tomato   o        onions   o        crushed hot peppers   o        banana rings
        o        peppers   o        black olives   o        sweet or dill pickles   o        green peppers
        o        mushrooms   o        grated cheese   o        cucumbers



        Extra toppings - 25¢   •  Bacon - 1.00   •   more than three condiments - 75¢


* Prices do not include tax                 We have white or wheat bread for 12” subs only

"prices subject to change without notice "